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Launch Your Own Cross-Chain Fantasy RPG Game With Our DeFi Kingdoms Clone


Launch Your Own Cross-Chain Fantasy RPG Game With Our DeFi Kingdoms Clone

Launch Your Own Cross-Chain Fantasy RPG Game with our DeFi Kingdoms Clone Script. Build your DeFi Kingdoms Clone to Claim your Dynasty in DeFi Kingdoms. Hire Our Well-versed NFT Game Developers to Rule the Blockchain Gaming Industry.

DeFi Kingdoms Clone Script

Experience a cross-chain fantasy RPG game with the DeFi Kingdoms Clone Script with the leading BlockchainAppsDeveloper. Build your DeFi Kingdoms Clone Script to claim your kingdom in DeFi Kingdoms. 

DeFi Kingdoms 

DeFi kingdoms is a cross-chain, play-to-earn game built on a robust DeFi protocol. DeFi kingdoms is a dApp on the Harmony ONE blockchain that lets users buy and sell heroes as non-fungible tokens(NFTs). Heroes can be used on the battlefield to earn rewards, or later they can be sold for profit. 

Jewel token 

Jewel token is the governance token of DeFi kingdoms used to purchase valuable items and distinctive NFTs such as kingdoms and Heroes in the game and different in-game enthusiasts such as restoring stamina and speeding up build times. Jewel token is utilized for in-game objects and the NFTs are used in liquidity, mining, and letting traders earn through staking. Jewel token plays a vital role in the game, traders gain jewel token for rare NFTs and other valuables by the liquidity pool tokens staking. 

How does DeFi Kingdoms Clone Works?


DeFi Kingdoms is a cross-chain game with multiple realms that have their own exceptional features and different possibilities for players. There are two realms like Serendale and Crystalvale, and more are yet to come in the future. 

Serendale 1.0 (Harmony)

Serendale in DeFi Kingdoms launched on the Harmony network as a decentralized exchange with LP farming prospects. Serendale on harmony network was then flipped into an Outpost. 

Crystalvale (DFK Chain)

Crystalvale is the extension of DeFi Kingdoms on the DFK chain, a subnet of Avalanche. In Crystalvale, a power token called 'crystal' comes with new hero classes, providing a new world to probe.

Serendale 2.0 (Klaytn)

Serendale 2.0 is the successive version of Serendale 1.0 but launched on the Klyatn blockchain with the new power token, 'Jade' that encloses additional hero categories and updated features to fit the new realm. 

Impressive features of DeFi Kingdoms 


Swap tokens comprise JEWEL and CRYSTAL tokens 


Creating an LP pair is required to JEWEL-UP for mining in the liquidity farming pools. 


To open JEWEL token rewards, liquidity is to be added in the Gardens. 


Earn staking rewards in the Jeweler. 


Each hero possesses unique stats, genetics, and rarity level. Two heroes can pair together to make a new hero to the realm for the quest, duel, and summon.


Quests provide the utility of Hero NFTs and an opportunity to earn in-game tokens. Heroes can earn XP by completing quests, which enables them to level up and increase their stats.


Quests will drop rare pet eggs that can be converted into unique Pet NFTs. Pets assist heroes in the form of bonuses. 


Duels is a competitive multiplayer card game where players fight for Raffle Tickets that boost the chance of winning prizes. 

Why BlockchainAppsDeveloper for DeFi Kingdoms Clone Script?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is a leading Blockchain Game Development Company that provides defi kingdoms clone script with latest features and functionalities. BlockchainAppsDeveloper is ardent in providing DeFi development, NFT development, and Role Playing Game Development (RPG) services. Our team of aces helps you launch your own DeFi Kingdoms Clone Script with a cross-chain fantasy RPG game like DeFi Kingdoms. 

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