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White paper

This project will bring new open-source software and hardware design, and those results will hopefully help other engineers create Blockchain IoT systems.

The development that we will do, will focus on creating the tools required to integrate IoT with blockchain. To verify that we are on the right path.

To deliver an open-source, modular End-to-End solution to develop transportation and digital control systems, and supply chain networks, to help engineers and organizations create Blockchain-connected IoT systems and devices, by allowing them to leverage the provided low- and mid-level facilities and integrations, and focus on business requirements.

The described goal is very general, on purpose. We will actually create a tool set, which other people will use to develop end products. The tool set should be flexible enough to support the various technical and business requirements of our potential users.

The key point here is that our users will be other teams, who create Blockchain IoT systems.

So, how do we even:

  • plan,
  • build,
  • and test this project?

Our suggestion is simple: with motorcycles!

Blockchain IOT Development Company in India
How blockchain technology can change the hospitality industry

We create the DApps (decentralized applications) for blockchain, to use as agreement templates and for processing transactions for vehicle rentals, trade, services. We integrate the machines we use for transportation and work in the physical world using IoT embedded systems. Our aim is to achieve a trust-less, decentralized consensus.

We develop the infrastructure as libraries and modular smart contracts for the Ethereum blockchain, with an API in Solidity and Node.js and an interface in React. We aim to provide an end-to-end solution – blockchain through software to hardware.

The goal is support local machine owners and renters, leverage existing machines and make it easier to access direct machine rentals.

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