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Cryptomines Clone Script - To Create Play to Earn NFT Game on BNB Chain


Cryptomines Clone Script - To Create Play to Earn NFT Game on BNB Chain

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is a leading Play To Earn Game Development Company that provides high secured Cryptomines clone script to build SCI-FI play to earn NFT game like Cryptomines.

CryptoMines Clone Script  

Cryptomines is a SciFi play-to-earn NFT game designed to provide users with an immense fun experience. Cryptomines clone script is based on blockchain and NFT technology where you can collect workers and spaceships and travel through the universe exploring for ETERNAL, and later the game's currency can exchanged for money. The game is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain and initiating the game is easy as it is compatible with web3 wallets like Metamask.

The Cryptomines Clone Script unwinds as the best SciFi game on the blockchain, letting gamers venture into a vast cosmos. The game is operating on the BSC and supports web3 wallets like Metamask, which is used for transaction processes and paying gas fees.

CryptoMines - An Overview

CryptoMines is an NFT game where you can make money by playing. The game is set in space and classic browser-based worker placement games like Dark Throne, Ikariam, andTravian. The primary goal of Cryptomines is the search for WCRUX as a utilitarian material of our Metaverse, this will let explorers profit as they advance in their explorations, and discoveries, and improve their strategies to obtain yields.

The objective of the game

The objective of the game is to mine planets to achieve ETERNAL. To achieve this, you must gain a fleet and transport ships from the game market. The best thing about the project is the oracle that has its token to mine new NFTs. The minimum entry price is always the same for everyone who enters and the price of creating them is the same regardless of the token's price.

CryptoMines gameplay

The gameplay of Cryptomines starts gradually, and you need to put less effort to earn cryptocurrencies by playing play-to-earn games. Cryptomines consume so little of your time to unlock your passive income.

You play as a mining magnate in CryptoMines, steering a fleet of workers and ships. The acquisition phase of the game consumes the most time. It takes a lot of patience, thinking, and studying for enough employees with adequate Mining Power (MP) and Ships that can transport them to diverse planets.

Each planet you can mine will have a specific MP necessity, so you need to go to the marketplace with a clear goal in mind. You need to plan of time for the number of ships you need to purchase as well as optimize your worker loadout.

How does CryptoMines work?

Mine planets

To venture into new worlds, you need to establish a fleet. Your main power will be decided by the rarity of your workers which in turn affects the planets you visit. You can proceed to an Lv2 planet with 200 MP if you hold two rarity 2 employees and a rarity 2 spaceship, workers can acquire materials 24 hours once per 24 hours at the most.


Based on their fleet level, players will be rewarded for materials that are mined on planets. An Oracle has been built to keep the cash value of the awards constant and to keep the reward pool from being drained rapidly.

Early withdraw fee

While collecting your rewards at $ETERNAL, there will be a 30% early withdrawal cost. This fee will be reduced by 2% after you venture on your first exploration of the day until it reaches 0% and you can withdraw tax-free. Each player’s fleet will be limited to a maximum of ten ships. The rarity of your spaceships immediately impacts the rank and success rate of your fleet when it is armed. Uncover the best workers, and stimulate your earnings to new galaxies!


These are NFTs made by blending all of your workers and ships. You can either add NFTs to these fleets or completely disperse them, recovering all of your employees and ships separately, so plan when building your fleet!

Name, Mining power, Fleet rank, Fleet level, and Fleet contract are some of the traits that your fleets possess. If your fleets are contracted, they will not be dismantled. Remember that dismantling a fleet will result in the loss of all gathered experience.

There is no limit to how many fleets you can have on your account,  we don’t endorse having more than 300 NFT on your account. Each fleet can participate in an expedition independently, therefore if you have five fleets, you can mine the planet of your choice five times. The expense of constructing a fleet will be $ETERNAL 0.5 USD for every NFT installed.

How to play CryptoMines?

Players should have a Binance account, a MetaMask wallet, and some spare cash that they can afford to give up to play CryptoMines. Remember that you should not make investments that you can afford. The game is played in the browser and also can be played on any device that supports Metamask and can run a browser game.

Why CryptoMines Clone Script?

The oracle is employed to regulate a constant dollar value to keep the economy of the game. As the ecosystem can only hold a certain number of $ETERNAL tokens, a massive inflow of players would rapidly exhaust all the $ETERNAL in the game contract.

CryptoMines clone script employs the oracle to make a bridge between active users and the dollar value of $ETERNAL. The idea is that when the price of $ETERNAL rises, so does the need for $ETERNAL tends to the addition of new game features or an inflow of new players.
The oracle will ensure that transaction payout is constant in dollar value at the moment they are made as well as, that the mint charges for NFTs are accurate in dollar value. This means that entry prices and rewards may be balanced and maintained over time and they will just reflect the targeted minting costs, letting new players partake even if the value of $ETERNAL ascends in value.

Why Choose BlockchainAppsDeveloper for CryptoMines Clone Script?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper, as a leading Play To Earn Game Development Company, helps you turn your fascinating ideas into an engaging game model.  CryptoMines clone is packed with cutting-edge features that can be customized according to your requirements which helps you launch your highly secured Sci-Fi play to earn NFT Gaming platforms like CryptoMines with advanced features and security measures that can be customized to your particular needs and requirements.

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