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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company


Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

Start Your Cryptocurrency Exchange With Our Renowned White Label Crypto exchange software solutions. Our exchange platform offers a turnkey, all-in-one crypto solution.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company provides an already inbuilt exchange platform with necessary technical, functional, infrastructural, and security aspects for a smooth crypto exchange. After the purchase of the software, we can customize it according to our suitable business/company preferences. 

Cryptocurrencies Exchange:

Cryptocurrencies are digital currency or assets that are considered as an alternate for other currencies, which is decentralized and looked forward to as the future of business transactions Globally. Already Cryptocurrencies exchange have been used in the peer to peer payments, Remittance, Ecommerce, Retail, and other industries. Research has forecasted to have a market scale-up of about 400% in the period of 2020 - 30.

With the above outline on Cryptocurrency and exchange, before running into the basic key aspects first let us know about White Label Cryptocurrency Software.

7 Key Aspects to Look Forward on Cryptocurrency Exchange Development!

Now we know about White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software. Let us see what are the key aspects that we are supposed to look for and why each aspect is significant in the smooth exchange of Cryptocurrencies as there is a lot of White label cryptocurrency exchange software in the market available.

Apart from the usual features that should be available in any software in the market like User Interface, Standard Security Aspects, Certifications, Seamless Scalability, Customer services, Etc., We have listed about 7 Key aspects followed with the brief description of each.

1. Multiple Cryptocurrency Handling
2. Preferred Trading
3. Multi-Lingual Support with GPS
4. Unlimited Token Addition
5. Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Integration
6. Liquidity Management
7. Escrow Services

Multiple Cryptocurrency Handling Support: 

The software should support making transactions with multiple Cryptocurrencies used in the market with multiple pairing options that can authorize trading with Cryptocurrency to Flat Currency & Cryptocurrency to Cryptocurrency. A clear listing of the currencies should be available to avoid confusion during the transaction. 

Preferred Trading Support: 

A detailed list of traders and also the list of matching traders should be available to choose the buyer or seller preferred to do trade with, also the option of canceling the trading process at any point of time should be possible if any trust issues arise.

Multi-Lingual Support with GPS: 

Traders should be able to communicate to multi-nation in different languages with a necessary translation feature that supports for clear communications and also enabled with GPS & Tracking to locate the trader across the globe.

Unlimited Token Addition: 

We should be able to enable an unlimited number of token i.e., exchangeable or tradable assets to our exchange platform/software.

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Integration: 

Users should be able to trade with newly raised funds or enabled tokens in the exchange platform with minimum procedures involved.

Liquidity Management: 

Users should be able to encash their digital assets or cryptocurrency with ease from the software without affecting the security of transactions and pricing of the assets encashed.

Escrow Services:

The Escrow account is considered to be the trusted middle man in each transaction which ensures and operates with impartial trading between the buyer and seller without compromising the Moral, Security, Confidence & Trust. 

the above-briefed points are some of the key aspects that should be verified with your software seller to have the cryptocurrency exchanges of your business in a competitive and profitable manner.

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