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White Label Crowd Funding Platform

crowdfunding platform development

Crowdfunding platform is a place that brings both, the companies seeking investment for their venture or to launch a product and the investors who are ready to invest. This platform is much easier to reach broader audience to increase the amount of capital. Many entrepreneurs opt crowdfunding to raise capital because it is much flexible and easier than the traditional funding method.

We, Blockchainappsdeveloper are expertise in providing advanced crowdfunding solutions for alternative investment segments. Irrespective to investment classes and type of investor, our Crowdfunding Platform includes powerful dashboard for the investors, issuer and admin, as per the requirement of our clients. We have industry proven experience in helping businesses to raise huge capital and catered various industries with asset classes like real estate, equity or debt. As we are known for rendering excellent ICS and STO services to raise funds legally from international investors, we are now the pioneer with technologies related to crowdfunding.

why crowdfunding platform development ?

Crowdfunding is one of the industry that is growing rapidly as a new method to raise fund for new ventures or to develop new product. It is a flexible fundraising option with lot of benefits to crowdfunding over traditional crowdfunding methods. Here are few of many reasons why you have to adopt crowdfunding platform.

Reach Mass Crowd

By using unique crowdfunding platform, you will get access to thousands of accredited investors around the world and get to interact with numerous people of different places.

PR & Marketing

You can launch your campaign, share and promote your campaign through different mediums, social media, email newsletters and other online marketing tactics.

Validation of Concept

Presenting your business in the crowdfunding platform is an opportunity for you to validate and refine your offering and add missing information, as the investors begin to ask questions.


It is one of the best things about crowdfunding platform. You get to build a single, comprehensive profile to which you can have all your prospectus and potential investors. This will help you with concentrate more on business instead of fundraising.

Save Time And Money

This crowdfunding platform will save time and money, as it excludes the process of visiting bank, stand in queue and discuss with the private investors. This method will help you to raise funds for any business idea.

Easy Funding

Our white label crowdfunding platform offers you simple and easy way to raise fund for your business idea or product launch, and converts it into a successful project. This platform will smoothly save you from financial risks situation

types of crowdfunding platforms

We are expertise to design unique crowdfunding platform to meet any of your asset classes, investors types or any other requirements.

Reward Crowdfunding Platform

Our crowdfunding solutions offers an advanced full-fledged reward-based crowdfunding solution, to make easy funds and turn your business project success.

Equity Crowdfunding Platform

We provide fully functional and highly secure equity crowdfunding platforms to our equity clients, with advanced features like performance evaluation, fund management, investors communication, etc

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

We offer crowdfunding platform for the Real Estates, integrated with beneficial features like analytical tools, investor communication, fund management, deal flow management, easy interaction with investors and list their real asset tokens through their dashboard.

Debt Software

Our private debt software will allow you to track the portfolio of debts, loans and other debentures. This software helps you with interest management, automate transactions, maintain general ledger, track cash flow and track record of investors.

features of our crowdfunding platform

Generally, any business will need capital for investment, to start their business or expand an existing organization. The traditional fundraising method is usually banks, and it Is not easy to raise expected capital through banks. Crowdfunding Platform has been a solution for various business to raise capital for their business. There are various advantages of this online crowdfunding platform and we hold vast experience in building custom crowdfunding like ICO and STO for various clients worldwide. Features of our crowdfunding solution includes the following.

  • Online Payments and Transactions
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful issuer, investor and admin Dashboard
  • Robust Platform
  • Social Media Integration
  • Private Messaging System
  • Smart Inbuilt Search Module
  • Instant Alerts and Notifications
  • Appealing UI/UX
  • Multi Language Support

why blockchainappsdeveloper for the white label crowdfunding platform ?

We are the best choice for fundraising, as we provide the right crowdfunding solutions for alternate investments. We are the perfect choice, for the following reasons.

One stop solution for white label crowdfunding platform

Wide Experience in Crowdfunding Platform Development

Dedicated team of experts

Understand Clients Requirements

Proper planning and execution of project

Access to latest technology

Strong Technical Support

Why Choose BlockchainAppsDeveloper?

Industry Proven Experience

Leading blockchain development company

Develop STO Platform in a bug-free environment

Provide latest STO development features

High-class STO development services

Customizable STO platform development

Strong knowledge on Federal laws and SEC regulation

Best technical support

Transparent working process

Innovative STO marketing

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