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Travel And HOSPITALITY Industry Using Blockchain Technology

The speed of growth of the Travel and Hospitality industry has taken the world by storm. Various Sectors of the Travel and Hospitality business are taking the hospitality business forward at an envious pace.

May it's the tourism & travel, hotel industry, Restaurants, Casinos, Cruise/Airlines etc. The large flower of the hospitality industry with these stunning petals is changing into grander and more attractive.

There are a lot of contributors and success factors to the colossal rate of growth of the hospitality industry. The hotels are getting a lot of developed with bigger stress on style and automation.

The workforce giving the services is currently obtaining the training, education and technology support.

Technology is playing a major role with social media and integrated marketing strategies methods making the difference. All these aspects relate to the success of the Tourisim and Hospitality Industry.

Here are a few challenges faced by Today's Travel Industry

  • The increasing of local hospitality hosts and rising competition
  • Change in guest expectations
  • Change in promoting trends and dynamics
  • Irregular cash inflows
  • Rising price of daily consumables
  • Data security challenges
  • Technical Challenges
  • Loyalty a lost radiance
  • Hotels aren't information driven
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How blockchain technology can change the hospitality industry

How blockchain technology can change the hospitality industry

Blockchain technology has many advantages to offer the tourism and hospitality industry, with one in all the foremost obvious being the security and stability advantages. As an example, all data's are in decentralized and traceable, and also the database will never go offline, or be removed through a cyber-attack, which might be vital once handling financial transactions.

In addition, the technology might have an important role to play in simplifying actual payments. At present, this may be somewhat difficult, particularly when dealing with overseas settlements. With the help of blockchain technology, the whole process will potentially be efficient and made more transparent, increasing trust.

Furthermore, the travel industry depends on information and even personal possessions being passed between multiple completely different corporations. The blockchain can build each accessing and storing information much easier, granting for enhanced collaboration and ultimately up lift the travel expertise for customers.

Few other most important ways the Blockchain Technology can be used in Hospitality Industry

  • Secure Payments
  • ID and Security
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Baggage Tracking

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Few other most important ways the Blockchain Technology can be used in Hospitality Industry

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