Blockchain Solutions For Stock Market Trading

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Blockchain Solutions For Stock Market Trading

Blockchain at Stock Trading Market

Stock Market is one of the important part of the economy of a country. It is where companies get listed, issues shares and raise funds for their venture. The more protection and transparency brought to the consumers in the investment market, the better will be the stock trading. Blockchain has huge potential in stock trading as it delivers multiple safety measures for the investors. The participants in stock trading such as traders, brokers and regulators go through complex process and involves intermediaries,so it takes upto 3 days to complete a transaction. With blockchain, this complexity can be eliminated and share ownership can be transferred directly between the participants. Growing fortune companies are involved in share marketing and adopt blockchain technology to make the transactions secure, faster, enhance trust and transparency while reducing risk.

As a qualified blockchain development company, Blockchainappsdeveloper offer premium services to assist stock traders with high security, reliability, trusty and transparency. We utilize latest tools and technologies to deliver splendid blockchain solutions to satisfy our client’s requirements.

Challenges at Stock Market

The stock market is actually a measure of the health of the economy and merely a reflection of the future, which is highly sensitive. There always lies huge opportunities and problems in the market. Though it brings profit for many, investing in stock has always been a risky factor. The participants must be more alert and familiar about what is happening in the stock market for a successful investment. Transparency and trust are the major factors that are required in a stock trading market. Here are some of the common challenges faced by the stock market.

  • Involvement of intermediaries increases operational risks and costs more. This also slows down the settlement process
  • The existing stock market is centralized and the process is not transparent. The participants fail to have direct dealing
  • Financial burden is one of the common problem in stock markets. The process may involve lot of intermediary and needs more financial transaction.
  • The major issue lies in security. The investors doesn’t know whether they will get their stock value or not.
  • Trust on third party is required in stock trading. It is not easy to earn trust of investors.

Blockchain Applications at Stock Market

  • Implementing blockchain with smart contract will eliminate the need of a third party as the transactions, rules, regulations and everything in the stock market will be induced in smart contract. This will reduce operational risks to a great extent.
  • Companies can issue tokens which can be built in-house, using blockchain. These tokens will have smart contract to automate the performance as per the functions defined at the time of its designing.
  • Features like permissions to users , potential to drive promotions, transaction features and much more are embedded in smart contract to provide a wider applicability than the general stock on a stock exchange.
  • When integrating tokens in the stock market, the market is not limited to investors alone, but also wide open to the token holders. This will help an enterprise to make huge capital for business.
  • Time required to set up a token on blockchain, excluding ICO and marketing process is much lesser than the time consumed in stock exchange. Also, the present stock market involves more middleman and thus transactions become complex and takes at least 3 days to complete an exchange. Blockchain can eliminate this complexity and consume less time for an exchange.
  • Beside time, trading on blockchain is faster than the traditional stock trading. This is because of the the features are built on smart contract and as new innovations come, it creates faster protocols that eliminates the speed limitations.
  • Blockchain creates a decentralized database which is highly safe and has ability to store complete information about the token holder and history of transactions, which is missing in the current stock market system.
  • Generally, stock exchanges offers only security type of listing to earn investors trust. But blockchain offers an ability to create utility cases for the tokens, to attract more investors.

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