Blockchain Solutions For Crowdfunding

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Blockchain Solutions For Crowdfunding

Blockchain Based Crowdfunding Platform Script

Crowdfunding platforms are a boon for entrepreneurs and businessmen who want to start new initiatives or enterprises without having to worry about money. Crowdfunding platforms are changing to meet the needs and requirements of users. Blockchainappsdeveloper provides bespoke crowdfunding platform development services that can meet all of your needs based on your company's needs. We build solutions that are ready to dominate the industry by considering legal compliances.

Blockchain For CrowdFunding

Donation-based Crowdfunding

A donation-based Crowdfunding software allows you to create an online portal or a personal crowdfunding platform to receive donations from people all over the world or a specific region, depending on your preferences.

Crowdfunding for rewards

Reward crowdfunding is a system in which people can contribute to a project in exchange for prizes. Through Rewards-based Crowdfunding, the project owner can own 100% of the business.

Lending Crowdfunding

It enables entrepreneurs to raise capital in the form of loans, which they must repay together with interest to the lenders.

Equity Crowdfunding

Equity Crowdfunding is also known as Investment Crowdfunding because when a business makes a profit, the value of its shares increases, allowing investors to profit from their investment

Crowdfunding software Development

The leading and safest investment type of the portal is a crowdfunding software development platform, where a group or investor can fund startup enterprises in exchange for a part of the stock. And the fantastic Crowdfunding scripts help you in raising funds through crowdfunding based on your own needs, issues, or events.If you're seeking a reputable Crowdfunding software development company, then, Blockchainappsdeveloper will help you in developing a Crowdfunding Software Development.

The crowdfunding software development allows users to invest a small amount of money into a business to reduce the chance of failure while also endorsing it. We are ready to provide software-based solutions for raising funds for initiatives by soliciting small sums of money from a large number of people. We give solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements. Customized crowdfunding platforms can better satisfy your business’s specific demands. To keep the platform running smoothly, our fundraising software engineers use the most up-to-date tools and technologies.

Features of Crowdfunding Clone Script

Powerful admin panel

Your platform's users have access to the greatest admin panel, which allows them to effortlessly build, administer, and market their crowdfunding projects. With our white label crowdfunding software platforms, you can help your users get the most out of their fundraising efforts.

Multiple payment options

Our cryptocurrency-powered crowdfunding software provides your users with a variety of payment options. Users may promote their campaigns in front of the globe and attract millions of users due to the integration of both crypto and fiat currency.

Secured platform

Your campaigns and funds are safe with our software. Our white-label crowdfunding software platform is the right solution for all your fundraising needs, due to the security of blockchain technology.

Alert for instant notifications

With our white label crowdfunding software platforms, you can keep track of everything that happens with your campaigns. On blockchain crowdfunding platforms, you can receive updates via mobile app and email alerts.

Progress Graph

When it comes to raising funds for a project or a good cause, keeping track of your progress is crucial to a successful campaign. On our crowdfunding software platforms, you can track the success of your crowdfunding campaigns and see detailed progress graphs.

Workflow of Crowdfunding clone script


An entrepreneur creates a platform and raises up to $25000 via crowdfunding.


With a total supply of 25000 tokens, the platform generates NFT and ERC 20 tokens.


NFT and ERC 20 will be generated for each fundraising.


NFT is created as a guarantee for the firm's investments.


These NFTs will be locked on the newly created ERC 20 contract, with the overall supply set to increase.


Based on the investments, each investor receives ERC20 tokens. These ERC 20 tokens will serve as the firm's stock.


After that, 20% of the funds raised are held on the platform. The remaining 80% goes to the business owners.


After 6 months of raising funds, 20% of the funds kept on the platform were released.

What is Blockchain Crowdfunding script ?

Blockchainappsdeveloper intends to help businesses in creating a fully functional, cutting-edge, user-friendly crowdfunding platform tailored to their specific demands and specialty. With our pre-made solutions, the white-label blockchain crowdfunding script can meet all of your needs, and we can also add unique features and integrate any third party based on your needs..

What is Crowdfunding clone script ?

Blockchainappsdeveloper, a leading crowdfunding clone script provider, has developed a new way and version of crowdfunding script that enables businesses, individuals, and entrepreneurs to create their own online crowdfunding platforms. We became an entrepreneur's choice because of our perseverance in improving crowdfunding, and we continue to meet the needs and desires of the entrepreneurs.

What is Crowdfunding MLM software ?

Are you seeking high-end Crowdfunding MLM software? Blockchainappsdeveloper is a prominent and cost-effective Crowdfunding MLM software that will help you grow your business. Our innovative Crowdfunding MLM software assists entrepreneurs in growing their businesses. Our Crowdfunding MLM software has a user-friendly interface and an easy-to-understand framework to assist network marketing organizations in meeting their sales and revenue targets on time.

What is Crowdfunding software platform ?

Are you thinking of owning a Crowdfunding software platform? Blockchainappsdeveloper is a major Crowdfunding software platform that offers crowdfunding solutions that take advantage of the market's trending technologies. Our crowdfunding developers create incredible crowdfunding software platforms with cutting-edge tech stacks that will help you become market leaders based on your specs, ideology, and business goals.

How to develop a crowdfunding platform with us?

Our Process of Engagement

It is our responsibility to create a Blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that meets your needs and desires.


We'd be delighted to collaborate with you to find the ideal solution for your business needs and desires.


Our planning will always be mindful of your requirements and business prerequisites.


We make certain that our agreements are kept, and we value the trust you have placed in us.


When you see our solution deliver value at your end, you'll know it's worth it.

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