Blockchain Solutions For Cloud Storage

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Blockchain Solutions For Cloud Storage

Blockchain and Cloud Storage

Blockchain is the latest trend that is being adopted by most of the industries beyond finance sector. Also, as we all know, people change to store their data in cloud computing, rather than their own devices. This is because they can access the data anytime from anywhere while saving storage. At present, the cloud computing is controlled by centralized authority and most of the companies utilize the storage of large companies like Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft Azure. Cloud Storage is a simple and reliable cloud computing method to store, retrieve and share data through internet. Instead of running on centrally, few companies started to make it decentralize through blockchain because there will be no company controlling the data within the network.

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How Does Cloud Storage Work?

At present, the cloud storage is being purchased from a trusted third party cloud vendor, who owns and operates data storage. It is centralized authority who delivers the data storage over the internet in a pay as you go model. These third party vendors will manage the capacity, security and durability to enable the data to be accessed anytime anywhere from your application.

Since this doesn’t require any objects to store data and is accessible all around the world, it is being mostly used by almost every organization in the world. Applications view cloud storage either through traditional storage protocols or directly via an API. Most of the cloud storage vendors offer add on services exclusively designed to help collect, manage, secure and analyze data at a larger scale.

Challenges at Cloud Storage Platform

As businesses and entrepreneurs move their data and application to the cloud, the number of cloud market is booming. This platform gives a great advantage by enabling global access, however, they still have concerns related to cloud computing. While businesses and fortune companies adopt cloud storage for its benefit, they still face significant computing challenges. The following are some of the common challenges faced in cloud computing.

  • Security is the major issue as the data is stored in a trusted third party system. The chance for loss of data or hacking information, etc is possible in cloud computing as it is centralized.
  • Organizations spend upto 30% in cloud computing to make it function as per their business requirements. The usage and expenses are not managed properly by most of the companies.
  • One of the common challenges involved in cloud computing is that most of the people are not aware of its usage and find it difficult to handle the system promptly while having a check on the cost and expenses.
  • Downtime is a significant challenge of cloud computing platform. There is no seller who guarantee that the platform is free of possible downtime. Small companies has to depend on their untrustworthy internet connectivity, so it is must to analyse before adopting cloud storage.
  • There is less security for passwords in the system because, your cloud system will be viewed by many people in your network. Precautions like multi factor authentication must be followed to protect important data like passwords.

Blockchain Application in Cloud Storage

Blockchain cloud storage solutions stores the data in a more secure way with more privacy. It takes the users data, make it to small chunks and add an additional layer of security before distributing the data throughout the network. This is possible with blockchain features like hashing functions, public/private key encryption and transaction ledger. Each chunk of data will be stored in a decentralized location and so it is difficult to hack because when someone tries to hack into it, they have to first get encrypted data and they just get a chunk of data and not the whole file stored in the blockchain. Hence your data and business information becomes more secure while also having global access.

  • Blockchain in cloud computing is that it enhances privacy. The owner will be hidden as the node does not store any of the owner’s data. Hence the miners will only get a small part of data and all the sensitive information will be protected.
  • Data redundancy and load balancing mechanism are applied for easy availability and quick accessibility. When a user tries to get data, the chunks are first validated and if any change if found in the chunk data, that particular miner will be removed from the network and the altered part will be taken back from the redundant copy. Hence the users get original and similar data.
  • Most of the growing companies moved to blockchain cloud storage system as it costs comparatively lesser than the existing cloud computing system. Companies like Sia, Amazon and Storj create systems to pay a smaller part of amount for providing extra storage capacity.
  • Hence it is believed that blockchain brings a new shape to the cloud computing platform, while satisfying the business with the major requirements like privacy, security and global access cloud computing system.

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