Blockchain Solutions For Airbnb

Incorporate Blockchain At Airbnb To Enhance Identity Management, Streamline Payments and Improve Trust among Potential Customers and Hosts



Blockchain Solutions For Airbnb

Blockchain for Airbnb

Blockchain brought drastic change to various industries and Airbnb is no exemption. Sites like Airbnb has to store numerous data and manage people’s online identity to enhance their customer base and Blockchain is very helpful for such uses. Integrating blockchain for Airbnb enables the user to verify the host easily by just checking the ID number associated with the user account. Also, it is impossible to delete or re-register the account if they get a bad reputation, hence it benefits both the parties. Today, cryptocurrency is also being accepted by various industries and circulated in Airbnb to. Hence implementing blockchain not only automate the work, enhance privacy and security, but also make use of cryptocurrency as well.

Blockchainappsdeveloper is an eminent blockchain development company having proven experience to deliver industry specific blockchain solution at a premium quality. Our solution enables the host and users to maintain privacy and provides trust on eachother within the blockchain network. Our blockchain solution includes smart contract development, to automate the verification process. Self execution is done by embedding the rules and conditions to join as a host, in the smart contract. Engage with our proficient team to get the best blockchain solution for your Airbnb business.

Challenges at Existing Airbnb System

The Airbnb businesses faces few common problems that primarily relates to safety and issues with guests. Blockchainappsdeveloper has deep knowledge on the business process of Airbnb, and here are some of the challenges at the existing Airbnb business

Property Insurance

Some guests stay for a short period of time and some stay for a longer period of time. Despite the duration of stay, the hosts face problem with damage in properties. Though the host property is insured, a proper rental agreement is missing and so the property owners become sufferer.

Higher Amount

Airbnb provides extremely well designed interface, but the charge includes service changes, commission fees and transaction cost. This increases the total cost much higher and few host losses customers due to high price.

Lack of Trust

The major problem analyzed with Airbnb business is lack of trust. It is important to verify that the hosts is trustable and has no issues. Today, a lot of fraudulent activities exist and you have to do a lot of verification to make sure that the documents provided by the host is not fake. It is a long process and consumes more time.

Data Security

Millions of data are usually stored in Airbnb business. It is not easy to maintain the complete record of customer and host identity details in a secure and reliable manner. The chance of details being hacked is more with the present Airbnb business model.

Blockchain Application in Airbnb

Blockchainappsdeveloper knows that each business has different functionalities. We know what kind of blockchain application will suit the Airbnb industry and also build custom smart contract based on the business requirements. Here is the application of blockchain and smart contract for the Airbnb business.

  • Airbnb business can store the huge data about customer and host using the blockchain technology. As a new host add, a new block will be added to the network and it will be verified by others in the blockchain network. Also, the data in the blockchain becomes immutable secure.
  • The host no need to follow a long procedure and submit a lot of documents as proof. Instead, they can integrate the document into blockchain and generate an unique ID number. With this ID, anyone can verify the host and this ensures that the host is trustable.
  • The rental agreement will be integrated to the smart contract. We built custom smart contract that can identify whether the particular user is qualified or not. Smart contracts are also used to add host automatically and also used to make sure that the customers accepts to the rental agreement.
  • Since blockchain is decentralized, this eliminates the involvement of middleman. As a result, nominal fee will be charged. And since today the circulation of cryptocurrency is more, blockchain enables the Airbnb businesses to accept the payment made through digital asset like Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
  • The customers can rate and review about the host in the network. If a particular host gets a bad review continuously, the host can be permanently removed from Airbnb and this is possible only through blockchain.

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