Readymade & White Label Bitstamp Clone Script

Launch your own Cryptocurrency exchange website that provides unlimited access to cryptos just like bitstamp. Bitstamp Exchange Clone Script comes with the convenience of secure storage and trading system, Real-time insight into the crypto market and tested swift match engine.



Bitstamp Clone Script

Bitstamp - World's Longest Standing Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bitstamp is a European based cryptocurrency Peer to Peer Trading marketplace. The exchange platform allows people to transact cryptocurrencies from all around the world to buy and sell them safely. Eventhough the first generation of exchanges went online, but they are now uniquely positioned to serve as a stepping stone between the traditional financial and digital currency worlds.

Bitstamp exchange platform is now available with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and XRP (Ripple) trading, along with USD and EUR. Bitstamp offers Safe, simple and secure to use for trading. Bitstamp always puts its customers first and they become more loyalty to them. And that is why Bitstamp gets the stamp of approval from more than 3 million traders throughout the world.

Bitstamp Clone Script

Bitstamp clone script is centralized cryptocurrency exchange script that works as same as bitstamp exchange. Bitstamp clone website script enables cryptocurrency access in a reliable platform that is tested and ensured several times. By adopting our bitstamp exchange clone script you will be able to provide premium access for crypto trading for both individuals and institutions through planned order execution and constant uptime. With years of experience and mature approach in the crypto market, we work as a team with coordination and sincerity to satisfy the needs and requirements of every client who reaches our doorstep. We always place quality ahead of everything and anything, So with no further delay, gear up to purchase our bitstamp clone website script that is worth the cost and time you spend.

Langauge Used - PHP, JAVA, MEAN Stack, Laravel

Database - My SQL, Mongo DB

Features Of Bitstamp Clone Script

High processing pace

No withdrawal limit

Reliable Support system

High performance FIX

Secure payment gateway

Cash out in seconds

Diverse deposit options

Auto-match engine

GPS tracking

Security Features Of Bitstamp Clone Script

Secure wallet

KYC verification

Registry lock

Military-grade storage

High-end graphics chat

Anti-phishing software

Withdrawal address whitelisting

Secure shell host(SSH)

Bitstamp Clone App Development Services

Now stay connected with the full trading functionality of bitstamp clone in your mobile phone that runs on both Android and iOS operating system. Bitstamp Clone App features advanced analytical tools and order type for advanced crypto traders and newbies. Keep the market trends in fingertip with the help of lock screen notification and instant login feature of bitstamp clone mobile application services.

  • Order book
  • 24/7 premium support
  • Bitstamp wallet
  • Multi-fiat currency support
  • Crypto market updates
  • Intuitive interface

How Bitstamp Clone Script Works

Users can visit their site and create an account by following the signup/register process. Just by entering their name, email address, country of residence, and password. It is also necessary to tick the terms and conditions box and click ‘register’.

Users can now login to Bitstamp platform with their details and will be directed to a page that allows them to change the generated password. Here, they may also choose to setup 2-factor authentication and once this process is completed they will be able to access various features of your Bitstamp account.

Before starting to trade, the user needs to deposit funds in their account. Users can choose to make a bank transfer, transfer their preferred cryptocurrency or use a credit card in order to transfer funds.

Deposits made onto the platform takes 1-3 working days, though some users do report much faster deposit times. Once the funds are available, users can make a purchase by clicking the BUY/SELL button, choosing their preferred trading pair by placing a market or limit order. Once it is completed, user can just enter the correct price and quantity and process the buy order

On the completion of the purchase, the user account will be credited with the cryptocurrencies purchased. It is upto the user choice to sell the cryptocurrency or to transfer the money to the external wallet.

Why To Start An Exchange Like Bitstamp?


The Bitstamp platform has a user friendly design and relatively easy to use. The site contains all the key stats on prices and orders. Also it constantly provides updated charts and balances. As users are moving to handy service solution, Bitstamp mobile application is available to both iOS and Android users.


The team operate at a high level of professionalism and remain fully compliant with all digital asset regulations and consumer protection laws. The exchange places all its users digital assets into cold storage, while its online assets are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Customer Support

Users can find a FAQ section where they seek to answer the most common questions as well as give instructions on how to buy and sell Bitcoin. Specific user inquiries are handled via email and the support team aims to respond within a few hours.

International Availability

It is widely available across the EU and the US, the exchange is currently available to over 60 countries. These include Australia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea.

Low Fees

Bitstamp has a lower fee system than the majority of cryptocurrency exchanges.

How To Launch Crypto Exchange Platform Like Bitstamp

Having a plan to launch your own cryptocurrency exchange like our highly secured Bitstamp clone script? We have user-friendly and enhanced features of Bitstamp platform. Getting our exchange platform like Bitstam, we provide you with enhanced features like:

  • Simple interface
  • High grade security with encrypted data
  • 98% of assets can be stored in cold wallet
  • Integration of Trade API, Wallet API etc
  • High -end trade graph

Why Should You Get Our Bitstamp Clone Script?

We will deliver you the Bitstamp clone script with the following features:

Two Factor Authentication

KYC verification for registered Users

Secure Online Core Wallets for all the listed Cryptocurrencies

Fiat currency integration

Secure Payment Gateways for all the Fiat currencies

Liquidity integration to improve the users flow

Allows you to add any number of Cryptocurrencies based on the market growth

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