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Binance Alternatives & Competitors - All You Need To Know!


Binance Alternatives & Competitors - All You Need To Know!

Get details about Binance alternatives & competitors and Top websites Similar to Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange From BlockchainAppsDeveloper.


BINANCE Exchange is one of the top most popular cryptocurrency exchanges that provide trading in more than 45 digital coins including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Binance.Coin (BNB).


  • Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange where traders can trade cryptocurrencies. They support many of the most commonly traded cryptocurrencies.

  • Binance offers a cryptocurrency wallet for its crypto traders, where they can secure their electronic funds.

  • Binance has its own token or cryptocurrency, Binance Coin.

  • The largest exchange also has supporting programs that help crypto traders make new innovative investment decisions.

There are many crypto exchange sites offering similar services like Binance. Those include Uphold, Koinbazar, Coinbase, Kraken, CEX.io, and many more. However, these crypto exchanges charge reasonable fees and require a ceratin registration procedure.

The Best Binance Alternatives

In this article, we take a look at the best Binance Alternatives & Competitors as we head into 2021. 

UPHOLD: Anything to Anything 

UpHold is a Cryptocurrency exchange and the best place to buy cryptocurrencies. Anyone can trade between cryptocurrencies, precious metals, U.S. equities*, and national currencies in one easy and quick step. Uphold is fully reserved. Unlike banks, They don’t loan out your money. They publish your holdings and obligations on a real-time basis.

Quick Review:


  • National- 27

  • Digita - 43

  • Metals - 4 

  • Total Fiat Trading Pairs - 1,000+


  • US - Available

  • EMEA - Available

  • ASIA - Available


  • On/Offboard Crypto

  • Send / Receive by Email

  • Automatic Conversion

  • Automated trading

  • Allowed Debit card

  • Multi-Asset Platform

Coinbase - The Most Trusted Cryptocurrency Platform

Coinbase is a Peer to Admin Cryptocurrency trading platform for exchanging to buy and sell Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies like Ripple coin, Ether, Lite coin, etc. Coinbase exchange permits users to trade their cryptocurrency at a price that is based on their market value, which permits traders to buy their cryptocurrencies faster than other crypto exchanges. Coinbase crypto exchange platform is also one of the few crypto trading that accepts credit cards. As of now, the Coinbase exchange allows users only to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, though they have plans to add more currencies to the platform.

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange platform where merchants & consumers can transact with new cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. 

Quick Review:


National  - 3
Digital     - 32
Metals     - 0
Total Fiat Trading Pairs  - 77


US - Available
EMEA - Available
ASIA - Available


  • Secure storage

  • Protected by insurance

  • Industry best practices

  • Earn up to $39 worth of crypto

Koinbazar - India's Leading Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange

KoinBazar is India’s safest cryptocurrency exchange platform. Buy, sell, and store your cryptocurrency assets in an authentic, reliable, and encrypted class of systems. If you are a beginner, without any trading experience, relax. The user-friendly intuitive trade panel with live market trends and a clear-cut order book help you trade like a pro with profitable decisions in the competitive crypto world.


  • Ultra-secure

  • Crystal-clear and user-friendly trading UI interface.

  • Cultivate integrity and transparency with our customers.

  • Prompt customer support.

  • Uncompromised security is the top priority.

  • Uphold customers’ trust.

A customer-centric cryptocurrency exchange platform to offer concordant capital opportunities in the futuristic decentralized crypto-economy to everyone at ease, with quality, high security, and equality.

Digital Exchange Platform Features

  • Electric Auto-matching Engine

  • High-Speed Transactions

  • INR Payment

Crypto Wallet Features

  • Secure your assets.

  • Buy and Sell 24x7.

  • Send and Receive Funds.

Security Features

  • Account Shield.

  • Bug Bounty

  • Penetration Tests

  • Two-step Verification.

  • SSL Encryption.

Kucoin - Find the Next Crypto Gem on KuCoin

Kucoin aims at offering customers cryptocurrencies transaction and exchange services that are even more secure and convenient, integrating premium digital assets globally, and constructing state of an art transaction trading platform. Kucoin Exchange is one of the popular & trusted Cryptocurrency exchange platform websites, which has been established in 2017 in Singapore, and still it offers reliable computerized resources of cryptocurrency exchange administrations worldwide without facing any malpractices.


  • Safe and Rapid Bitcoin Purchase

  • Multiple Order Types for All Kinds of Risk Appetite

  • Abundant Methods for Earning

Trading Features:

  • Spot Trading

  • Margin Trading

  • API Integration

  • Trading Bot

Derivatives Features:

  • Futures Lite

  • Furtuites Pro

  • Futures Brawl

  • Leveraged Tokens

Earning Features:

  • Crypto Lending

  • Pool-X

  • Soft Staking

  • KCS Bonus

  • Referral

HitBTC - Most Advanced Bitcoin Exchange

HitBTC is the latest cryptocurrency exchange with markets for exchanging between Bitcoins, Ethereums, Litecoins, Dogecoins, Monero, USDT, and more digital currencies. 


  • Safe and secure

  • Fast, responsive and feature-packed

  • Robot-friendly API

  • Profitability Calculator

  • Max Performance. Max Earnings

NiceHash - Connect your GPU/CPU & Start Earning Bitcoins.

NiceHash Cryptocurrency Exchange is based on the concept of a sharing economy by connecting crypto sellers and buyers of computing power from all over the globe. NiceHash Private Endpoint solution is completely designed for large mining farms and medium-sized that want to optimize their trading connection to NiceHash and highly secure maximum performance and maximum earnings.


  • Trade more than 50 cryptocurrencies

  • Most advanced hash-power marketplace

  • Mobile App - Remotely manage your NiceHash activities

CEX.IO - A Trusted and Secure Bitcoin Exchange

CEX.IO Cryptocurrency Exchange offers cross-platform trading via website, mobile application, WebSocket and REST API, offering access to high liquidity order book for top cryptocurrency pairs on the business market.


  • Multiple payment methods

  • Strong security Protocols\

  • Advanced order matching algorithms

  • Competitive commissions

  • Range of API solutions

  • 24/7 support

Kraken - Put the Power in your hands to Buy, Sell, and Trade Digital Currency.

Kraken is the largest Bitcoin exchange platform in euro volume and high liquidity and also crypto trading Canadian dollars, United States(US) dollars, British pounds, and also Japanese yen. As one of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges in the globe, Kraken - crypto exchange is consistently named one of the best platforms to buy and sell cryptocurrency online, with low fees, versatile funding features, and high-level security standards.


  • High Security

  • Fee Structure

  • Funding Options

  • Staking

  • 24/7 Support

  • Liquidity

  • Margin Trading

  • Indices

  • Futures

  • OTC

  • Account Management

  • Cryptowatch

BitMEX - The Next Generation of Bitcoin Trading Products

BitMEX provides a variety of contract types. All of the contracts are bought and paid out in Bitcoin (Poular Cryptocurrency). BitMEX offers a variety of contract typee(XBT, ETH, XRP).


  • Up to 100x leverage

  • Trading without expiry dates

  • Industry-leading security

  • 100% verified customer base.

  • Unique Products

  • Highly Liquid Markets

  • Advanced API

  • 100% KYC Verified

Poloniex - Your One-Stop Shop For Crypto Trading

Poloniex is a leading crypto exchange offering a wide variety of digital currencies. Poloniex is a complete crypto-crypto exchange business platform. Though there have been many crypto exchanges accessible, the Poloniex exchange is the one that is always found to be the best crypto exchange among all trading platforms.

Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange platform offers modern trading features that include high security for crypto traders. Hence, it has been at the top of the search list of many crypto traders. Poloniex exchange platform has faced numerous redesigns and expansions since its initial launch. The crypto trading solution is now offering the traders technical analysis and participant support in addition to its original crypto trade functions, as well as an expanded range of enhanced crypto trading features.

LocalBitcoins - Buy and Sell Bitcoin Everywhere

LocalBitcoins.com is a person-to-person bitcoin trading platform website. LocalBitcoins crypto exchange expands partnership with Onfido, powering top-most-security-first cryptocurrency trading with trusted identity verification. LocalBitcoins is looking for investors, partners, and affiliates who are willing to take Bitcoin and the top cryptocurrency to the next level. It doesn't matter how big/small your desired business is / where you are currently based.


  • LocalBitcoins allow you to exchange directly with another person.

  • LocalBitcoins goals to support every suitable payment method its customer community supports.

  • LocalBitcoins provides high-level escrow-based security protection to ensure the bitcoins and both traders are safe.

  • LocalBitcoins highly supports a wide range of payment methods.

  • The crypto trade process from the creation of the user account to having bitcoins in your cryptocurrency wallet takes only a few minutes.

Bittrex - Upgrade to Bittrex Global

Bittrex is a U.S. blockchain-powered platform providing real-time crypto trading and industry-leading high-level security. Bittrex Global is the topmost trusted crypto exchange known for its next-level trading security.


  • High Transformation That Goes Way Beyond Simply Great Trading

  • Fast, Robust Technology

  • Security First Matters

  • An Innovative Environment

Bitfinex - The Home of Digital Asset Trading

Bitfinex provides the most liquid exchange in the world, allowing participants to easily exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, NEO, Iota, Monero, OmiseGO, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Bitcoin Gold, Zcash, TRON, Santiment, Status, iExec, Golem, FunFair, SingularDTV, AidCoin, Decentraland, Qtum, ETP, 0x, QASH, Eidoo, RCN, YOYOW, Time New Bank, Aventus, SpankChain, Augur, Streamr, Basic Attention Token, aelf, and Ethfinex Nectar Token against USD /BTC with minimal slippage.


  • World Class Trading Platform

  • Order Books with top tier Liquidity

  • Margin Funding

  • Margin Trading

  • A suite of Order Types

  • Customizable interface

  • High Security

Advanced Features For Professionals

  • To meet the highest of demands

  • Professional connectivity

  • Corporate account and professional trading

  • API Integrations

  • Advanced chart tools

BTCC - Cryptocurrency Futures and Perpetual Trading Platform

BTCC - The world longest-running cryptocurrency exchange since 2011. They served over 6 million participants across the world with high standard of professionalism & integrity.


  • Top-end market liquidity

  • First deliverable perpetual contract

  • Up to 100x leverage

  • Price Transparency and Top Liquidity

  • User Experience is Our Top Priority

  • Low Investment Threshold and 100x Leverage Trading

Gemini - Buy Bitcoin and Crypto Instantly!

Gemini is an elegant and simple, and high secure cryptocurrency exchange platform to build your crypto portfolio. Buying cryptos, selling cryptos, and storing your cryptocurrency has never been this seamless.

Gemini is a trustee and subject to the capital reserve and cybersecurity requirements, and banking compliance standards set forth by the NYSDFS and the New York Banking Law.Whether you’re an experienced crypto trader or just getting started, Gemini Crypto exchange has all the tools you need to buy, sell, or store your cryptocurrencies.

Bitpay - Do More With Your Cryptocurrencies

BitBay was created in 2014 in Katowice. Their goal was to develop a platform that was not available on the Polish market - a professional and intuitive crypto exchange platform for buying and selling Bitcoins&Litecoins. BitBay CEO - Sylwester Suszek, who has a lot of experience in the finance world has been running the exchange business from the start. He has previously co-created 2 large organizations from the financial sector, and later along with his partners, Develop a strong Bitcoin exchange platform.


  • Shop with Mastercard merchants across the globe

  • Multiple Wallets Integration


  • Card icon Card - Turn your crypto into cash

  • Wallet icon Wallet - Secure and use crypto on the go

  • Extension - Spend crypto from your browser


  • Online Payments - Accept bitcoin on your website

  • Billing - Accept bitcoin from clients via email

  • BitPay Send - Payout bitcoin to anyone, anywhere

Bitstamp - The Original Global Crypto Exchange.

Bitstamp is a European-based crypto P2P Trading marketplace. The cryptocurrency exchange platform permits people to transact digital currencies from all around the globe to buy and sell cryptos safely. Even though the first generation of cryptocurrency exchanges went online, but they are now uniquely positioned to serve as a stepping stone between the traditional financial and digital currency worlds.

Bitstamp exchange platform is now available with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and XRP (Ripple) trading, along with USD and EUR. Bitstamp offers Safe, simple and secure to use for trading. Bitstamp always puts its customers first and they become more loyalty to them. And that is why Bitstamp gets the stamp of approval from more than 3 million traders throughout the world.


  • Ease of Trading

  • Institutional-grade Security

  • Proven Reliability

  • Unlimited access with mobile app.

  • Advanced trading tools.

  • Professional Access, Non-Stop Availability

  • A Range of Powerful APIs

  • Premium 24/7 support

  • Buy crypto instantly.

Changelly - Your Simple Crypto Exchange.

Changelly is a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform, providing the ability to instantly & seamlessly trade over 100 altcoins at the best crypto market rate or purchase them using a bank card. Fast and secure way to trade and purchase 150+ cryptocurrencies. 24/7 live chat support. Trusted by 2 million customers


  • 50+ markets with competitive trading fees

  • Multi-currency wallet to store a variety of coins

  • Lowest withdrawal fees on most popular coins and tokens

  • Transparent reasonable fees

  • Fast 5-30 min transactions

  • High exchange limits

  • 24/7 live chat support

Mobile App Features:

  • Most competitive rates at the market

  • 160+ cryptocurrencies available

  • High limits

  • No registration needed to exchange

  • Buy bitcoin | Buy crypto with USD, EUR or GBP

Earn Possibilities

  • State-of-the-art API to add an exchange feature

  • Multiple affiliate tools and promo materials

  • Competitive reward programs

  • Transparent reporting

  • 24/7 live-chat support

PrimeXBT - Welcome to Next-Generation Trading Platform

PrimeXBT is an award-winning crypto exchange platform that allows you to trade global financial markets using Bitcoin, USD Tether, USDC and more. Trade Cryptocurrencies, Stock Indices, Commodities and Forex from a single crypto trader account. you can invite friends and get up to 50% of what they pay in trading fees. 50+ markets. One account


  • Trade with the best platform

  • Find new business opportunities

  • Increase profitability

  • Enjoy privacy and security

  • Maximize profits with leverage

  • Open a free crypto account and start trading in minutes

How we analyzed the best Binance Alternatives

Binance is a good and largest centralized cryptocurrency exchange. The world’s best cryptocurrency has more than 15M crypto traders and supports more than 150 cryptocurrencies. We analyzed below major key aspects:

  • Safety and regulation

  • Usability

  • Supported countries

  • Fees

  • Cryptocurrencies supported

  • Demo Account

  • Educational Material

  • Minimum deposit

  • Special Features

  • Regulation

  • Payment methods

Final Thoughts

There are many Binance alternatives in the market, Crypto Investors need to think out of the box and know which is the best alternatives to sustain in the capricious crypto exchange business market. When we dig deep into these kinds of stuff, we will realize the truth that crypto exchange development is not a risk but one needs deep analysis.

The above-mentioned lists are not only helpful for investors but also for the young budding entrepreneurs who are willing to start their own Cryptocurrency Exchange. 

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The team has well-experienced crypto exchange developers who can quickly analyze the desired business requirements and are able to bring the best result within a short span of time. Blockchainappsdeveloper always looks forward to the next innovation of crypto industry and updates itself with the latest trends and technologies.

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Bitstamp Clone Script

Poloniex Clone Script

Coinbase Clone Script

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