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Stellar Blockchain Development Services Company


Stellar Blockchain Development Services Company

Blockchainappsdeveloper, a Leading Stellar Blockchain Development Company provides high Scalable and instant blockchain transaction business Solutions to our valuable clients.

Stellar Blockchain Development Company

Blockchainappsdeveloper is a leading Stellar Blockchain Development Company particularized in gaming and smart contract development. We provide complete support to instant blockchain transactions through our advanced Stellar blockchain network solutions.

As a leading Blockchain Development Company, we utilize business requirements and high-level experience to support our clients implement blockchain technology in their desired business operations. We have developed and deployed top-notch Enterprise blockchain powered software solutions that have introduced a high level of transparency, high level of efficiency, and high secured automation into our users’ valuable business proposals.

What is a Stellar network?

Stellar Network is a scalable blockchain platform for creating decentralized applications. Stellar blockchain operates cross-border payments and also digital asset exchanges instantly. We develop gaming applications, NFT platforms, NFT marketplace, DeFi Platforms, payment apps, banking tools, mobile wallets with Stellar Blockchain network.

Why Stellar Blockchain Network Solutions?

->> Stellar was developed to solve the standard set of blockchain issues like Slow transactions, lack of scalability & high fees.

->> high scalability - A transaction on the Stellar blockchain network includes every operations like offers, payments, and fees.

->> higher transaction fees must be solved before target the mass adoption by major crypto users. 

->> Stellar blockchain network aims to change that by facilitating communication between crypto users and the decentralized world. Stellar network is easy to interact with a decentralized ecosystem.

Features & Highlights of Stellar Blockchain Development:

Scalability: Stellar blockchain network provides secure, scalable, fast and also includes one or more operations like payments, offers and fees.

Transaction Fees: The blockchain market is growing day by day and also the transition fees in the blockchain are high. Up to 65k transactions/sec on a single Stellar chain. Nominal fees associated with the transaction are currently set to the value of .00001 XLM  

Resolve Disputed Transactions: whole Transactions can be reversed on the Stellar blockchain network 

Security: Stellar network uses public-key cryptography techniques that execute the programming code is well understood and multiple times tested.

Stellar Blockchain Tools

Stellar Core - validates on every transaction status via Stellar Consensus Protocol
Horizon -  checking accounts, subscribing to events and submitting transaction
Federation Server - Take out the data it requirements from the SQL database
Bridge Server - simplifies the compliance operations and integrations

Using Stellar Blockchain Network, We Expertise

  • Custom Payment Apps

  • Custom Payment Apps

  • Mobile Financial Applications

  • P2P Lending

  • Gaming application

  • Smart contract applications

  • Token Development

and more

Why Blockchainappsdeveloper For Stellar Blockchain Application Development?

Blockchainappsdeveloper is a well-known Stellar Blockchain Development Company, having years of experience in delivering Decentralized Applications on the Stellar Network blockchain platform. With blockchain industry-proven experience, NFT gaming experience, we have become experts in providing high-level Enterprise NFT Marketplace and blockchain solutions and services. Following major qualities of the best Stellar Blockchain Development company.

  • Certified Blockchain Development Company

  • Cutting Edge Stellar Blockchain development Solution

  • The highly talented technical team of professionals

  • Understand our valuable Customers expectations and Requirements

  • 24/7 Support Services

  • Guaranteed ROI based Business software solutions

  • On-time delivery of project 

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