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Sorare Clone Script To Create Football NFT Marketplace

Sorare Clone Script To Create Football NFT Marketplace

Sorare Clone Script

Sorare Clone Script is a 100% replica of the Sorare Fantasy Football NFT Marketplace Script powered by Ethereum Blockchain where users can purchase digital trading cards. Sorare NFT Clone Script is an NFT gaming and Marketplace script to build digital fantasy football platform like Sorare. 

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Features of our Sorare Clone Script

User Features

  • High level of Transparency 

  • No operational Risks for the players

  • Safety of investment is assured 

  • Friendly Leaderboard and user interface

  • Excellent Gaming Graphics

  • Bonus Point System

  • Get Realistic Feeling While Playing

  • Earn Real Money & Rewards

  • Integrated payment methods to make betting easy

Admin Features

  • Role-oriented Dashboards

  • Real-time Analytics

  • Data Feeding Infrastructure

  • User Management System

  • Transaction Management System

  • Banking and transactions management

  • Referral Offers 

  • Ad Modules

  • CMS & CRM Features

Benefits of our Sorare Clone Script

  • High level of Trust and Transaparancy

  • Revenue Stream via Ad Modules

  • Zero Revenue Sharing system

  • Ready-to-Start Platform

  • Instant User friendly Script To Compete In The Market

  • Loyalty Programs

  • Eye-catchy attractive Graphics

  • Engage Audiences from Different Locations

  • Multiple Device Compatibility(Android & iOS)

  • Multilingual Assistance

Functionalities of our Sorare Clone Script

The Sorare Clone Script majorly performs 3 Major Functionalities,

Buying Collectibles: 

Step1: Bid for digital collectibles
Step2: Prices are matched
Step3: Sale is performed either via credit card or ETH.
Step4: If the bid is unsuccessful, funds will be refunded
Step5: The highest bidder wins the auction.
Step6: Collectible winner list
Step7: Cross-checking through credit cards.

Selling Collectible:

  • Rare

  • Superrare

  • Unique

When you are thinking to sell your digital collectible through the playing cards page you will find an option to put the digital collectible out for sale. Enter the price and press sell option.

Withdrawal From Wallets

  • Wallet Creation

  • Fund it with Ramp

  • Convert currency into ETH

  • Select type and amount of currency

  • Mail specification

  • Mail Verification

  • Specify the Payment modes

  • Keep track of the payment

Sorare Clone - Create NFT Marketplace Like Sorare

Sorare Clone is an NFT gaming platform script who wants to launch their blockchain powered NFT gaming and marketplace platform, but doesn’t have enough time and sufficient funds to develop a tailor made business solution. By developing white labeled Sorare Clone business mode, any one can easily build a Global Fantasy Football Game like Sorare.

The Fantasy Football or Soccer NFT game sorare itself established as a trusted NFT marketplace where fans can collect and trade official digital playing cards. We design and develop sorare like NFT marketplace platform where you can own non-fungible token cards and you can freely resell them as cryptocurrency collectibles. This Sorare like NFT Marketplace platform dveelopment will let you to develop and manintain digital collectables and you can get points based on the actual on-field performance of football players. 

Why BlockchainAppsDeveloper For Sorare Clone Script?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is a leading NFT Game Development Company, we design and develop the Sorare Clone Script with desired features with the potential of pulling valuable business investors and football lovers into the gaming platform. 

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And more.

The global blockchain powered NFT football industry is worth many billions of dollars. Sorare Ethereum Blockchain powered NFT based game has mixed both the lucrative features of fantasy football efficiently and crypto-collectibles. Our Experienced NFT developer team can help you to provide your desired gaming outcome.

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Disclaimer: We use the term "Sorare" for readers to quick understanding purpose only. Our services are not meant to influence any entity.

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