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Security tokens are blockchain-powered crypto tokens that enclose the aspects of security. A security token represents the investor’s ownership right over the traditional belongings along with bond, debt and actual property. The security token holders are entitled to the business share, equity, dividends, voting and buy back rights. It is a legal regulation which gives more credibility and security to the investors. This security engages more investors to the business.

What is STO

“Launch STO – Security Token Offering Raise Funds Legally from Accredited Investors”

Benefits STO

Benefits of STO:

  • The dividend will be automatically transferred to the investors wallet.
  • The security token holder gets the right to vote in the decisions of the company, same as a shareholder.
  • The profit of the company is shared with the token holders in the form of token.
  • The company can buy back the shares from the investors at the market price and re-aborts the ownership distributed to the investors.

Different types of Security Tokens:

  • Equity Tokens: Equity tokens are a type of security tokens which represents ownership of asset or venture and take their value from that property’s success or failure.
  • Debt Tokens: Debt tokens are the type of tokens which represents outstanding debts and liabilities.
  • Utility Tokens: Utility tokens provide users to get access to specific product/services. A company can raise funds for the development of the blockchain projects using utility tokens.
  • Asset-backed Tokens: An asset-backed token is a token built on the blockchain platform with the primary function to serve as digital money. This token is associated with a tangible or intangible object of certain value.
Types STO
STO Process

STO development process:

  1. Tokenization of Equity, Reserve Asset, or Debt: Based on the STO you choose to launch, the best token that suits your fundraising is chosen.
  2. Creation of Owner’s Manual for Your Investors: A detailed document explaining your business model, finance, team to your investors.
  3. Development of Tokens on an Ethereum Platform or Your Own Blockchain: The investors get tokens either developed on Ethereum platform or own blockchain.
  4. Dividend Structure Issuance through a Smart Contract: Each investor becomes the stakeholders by getting the token. A legal contract must be made and dividends must be paid.
  5. Investor Appropriation based on the compliances of Target Countries: To ensure the authenticity of tokens, the government have certain procedure such as KYC and AML.
  6. Marketing and fundraising: This would require a strong strategy so that you stand out in the crowd and help you to raise your fund.

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