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BlockchainAppsDeveloper values the privacy of every user who visits our website. This Privacy Policy states our security measures, the type of information collected, and how that information is used.

For Privacy Policy prospects BlockchainAppsDeveloper Website ( has been referred to as "BlockchainAppsDeveloper" and it includes the organization and its administrators.

We have sufficient security to protect the user's information and to prevent the unauthorized revelation of the user's personal and collected information. BlockchainAppsDeveloper does not collect any Personally Identifiable Information about its user unless a user willingly provides that information. We only collect non-personally identifiable information to enhance our services.

BlockchainAppsDeveloper protects our customers' personal information by implementing distinguishing security measures, such as:

Encryption: We provide E2E Encryption, which protects your sensitive information. BlockchainAppsDeveloper secures by making it unreadable to unauthorized parties.
Firewalls: Our administration has efficient software and hardware systems to prevent unauthorized access. It functions as a barrier between a company's internal network and the internet.
Access Controls: We have enabled access controls to confine the access of sensitive information of individuals. It also defines the actions that the users can perform with that data.
Risk Assessments: This involves identifying what hazards exist on the website and steps to minimize harm. We evaluate the potential risks to our client's information.
Regular Security Audits: Security audits will protect critical data, identify security loopholes, and create new security policies. We regularly review and test the company's security systems to identify and fix any vulnerabilities.
Data Backup: Customers can store any data they want to preserve as backup data and information can be restored in the event of a security breach. We provide standard backup data to manage the workload of the running server.
Compliance: Our company has all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and industry standards. We follow regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, etc.
Employee Training: Our company induces continued efforts to boost the performance of its employees on security measures. Employee training and development help reduce the risk of incidental data breaches.
Acceptance of Policy

As a user of the BlockchainAppsDeveloper website, you signify your acceptance by visiting and browsing the website with the terms and conditions fixed within this policy. If there is any policy change, your following usage will be rendered as approval of those changes.

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If you have any questions or comments concerning this Privacy Policy or the processing of your information, users can contact BlockchainAppsDeveloper via email at


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