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DAPP in Supply chain

This blockchain application shows the journey of coffee bean in block supply chain.The coffee supply chain is the sequence of activities and process to bring raw coffee beans from coffee farms to processed coffee in markets.

Roles in the supply chains

There are different roles in the supply chains
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Banking Finance


Admin creates new batch which is initial stage of coffee batch.



Farm-inspectors are responsible for inspecting coffee farms and updating the information like coffee family, type of seed and fertilizers used for growing coffee.

Consumer Goods


Harvesters conducting plucking, hulling , polishing , grading and sorting activities, further updating the information of crop variety, temperature used and humidity maintained during the process.



Exporters are the organization who exports coffee beans throughout the world. Exporter adds quantity, destination address, ship name, ship number , estimated date and time and exporter id.

Energy & Utilities


Importers imports the coffee from coffee suppliers and updates quantity, ship name, ship number , transporters information, warehouse name, warehouse address and the importer's address.

Information Services


Processors are the organizations who processes raw coffee beans by roasting them on particular temperature and humidity and makes it ready for packaging and to sale into markets. Processor adds the information like quantity, temperature , roasting duration , internal batch number , packaging date time, processor name and processor address.

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