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World Blockchain Summit - Blockchainappsdeveloper Pitch into WBS

Blockchainappsdeveloper powered by Osiz Technologies, gonna be a part of  World Blockchain Summit. We are delighted to announce you that our blockchain experts are awaiting eagerly to participate in this mega blockchain conference " World Blockchain Summit".

Are you heedless towards World Blockchain Summit? Let us discuss some important features and aspects of World Blockchain Summit to drive your attention towards WBS.

World Blockchain Summit - A Tidy Conference

World Blockchain Summit is a well-organized Blockchain Conference that brings many global blockchain passionates, technology gurus, startups, government authorities, entrepreneurs and lot more tech people.

Organizer: Trescon Global Business Solutions Pvt Ltd.
Event Day: 20th June 2019.
Conference Venue : Taj Santacruz , Mumbai.

Central Theme of Conference

The main motto of the conference is to celebrate the collaboration of Trescon with the Government of Maharashtra. The CEO of Trescon is confident about the benefits businesses and blockchain enthusiasts by this collaboration.

About Organizer - Trescon

Trescon Global Business Solutions Pvt Ltd is a top-rated global business event and consulting organization that is famous for conducting specialized B2B events that connect businesses and opportunities through conferences, investor connect and lot more.

Founder & CEO: Mohammed Saleem

Areas Planned to Focus on WBS

The lists of topics and concepts planned to cover on the conference are as follows :

1. Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)
2. Blockchain for the betterment of Public Services.
3. Blockchain in Fintech Industry.
4. Power of DAO and Smart Contracts.
5. Blockchain in Stabilization of Grids.
6. Blockchain and IoT Integration.
7. Process of Boosting democracy through blockchain.
8. Blockchain in Supply Chain and Logistics.
9. Potential of Blockchain in the BFSI sector.
10. The legal and regulatory landscape for blockchain in India.

What does the Organiser say about WBS?

Mohammed Saleem, CEO of Trescon and Organiser of World Blockchain Summit mentioned in  an Interview that, " World Blockchain Summit (Mumbai) will be our 11th global edition, fourth in Asia and the first time in India and we are pleased to collaborate with the Government of Maharashtra."

Highlights of WBS 

This first big conference in India, World Blockchain Summit is considered as special for the following.

1. It involves 300 + C-level executives such as CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, Heads of Blockchain, Chief Digital Officer and so on.
2. It includes 30+ energetic speakers.
3. 30 + exhibitors in which Osiz Technologies is one among them.
4. 50+ Investors and lot more.

Check out the Sponsors and Speakers of WBS at the official site of World Blockchain Summit!

Blockchainappsdeveloper in World Blockchain Summit 

Blockchainappsdeveloper powered by Osiz Technologies is glad to take part in  World Blockchain Summit. Our Blockchain Experts are eagerly waiting for their active participation in WBS to share and experience a lot of things about Blockchain Technology.

We are all hoping that World Blockchain Summit will pave the way for India to be the next blockchain powerhouse of the globe.

Here is the list of our Blockchain Experts who gonna be there on WBS floor.
1. PunithKumar Baskaran - Sr.Blockchain Consultant
2. Balaji Haridoss - Sr.Blockchain consultant 
3. RamyaShree Gunasekaran - Sr.Blockchain Consultant
4. Subramanian Sadaiyappan - Sr.Blockchain Consultant
5. Pratish Gunasekaran - Sr. Blockchain Consultant
6. Keerthana Ramalingam - Lead Blockchain Developer

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